New Passport Rules New Passport Rules

New Passport Rules

New Passport Rules

The following Gazette Notifications have been issued by the Ministry on 26 December 2016 for giving effect to the policy changes announced in the Press Release issued on 23 December 2016:

i. Notification GSR No. 1170(E) on the issue of introduction of a number of documents as proof of date of birth in respect of passport applicants born pre or post-1989;

ii. Notification GSR No. 1171(E) containing instructions regarding:

(a) repealing of erstwhile Annexures A, C, D, E J & K of the Passport Rules, t 980;

(b) discontinuation of the practice of swearing of the Annexures before the Notary/ Executive Magistrate/ First Class Judicial Magistrate and giving the option of only self-declaration

(c) discontinuation of the requirement of submission of registered adoption deed as the sole proof for adoption and

(d) discontinuation of the requirement of submission of proof of marriage/dissolution of marriage for the married/divorced applicants.

2. lt may be noted that after expunging the erstwhile Annexures A, C, D, E, J and K of the Passport Rules, 1980, the remaining Annexures B, F, G, H, l, Land M have been renamed as Annexure - A (previously Annexure - B), Annexure - B (previously Annexure - F), Annexure - C (previously Annexure - G), Annexure - D (previously Annexure - H), Annexure - E (previously Annexure - l), Annexure - F (previously Annexure - L), Annexure - G (previously Annexure - M).

3. ln respect of the cases of passport application for children belonging to single parents, the Passport Authorities should now obtain from the single parent declaration in Annexure - C (erstwhile Annexure - G) and no Annexure/ Affidavit in the form of erstwhile Annexure - C and Appendix - 27 of the Passport Manual 2010 need to be obtained from such applicants.

4. The erstwhile Annexure–‘E' (an-affidavit required to be submitted by the applicants who intend to get the passport in their changed name) hAs been discontinued. No new annexure/declaration has been prescribed in this regard. ln all such cases where applicants intend to get the passport issued in their changed name, the applicants need to submit either clippings from two newspapers announcing the change of name or the Gazette Notification published in the Indian Union/ State Government, as the case may be along with at least two public/ school documents issued in favour of the applicant with the changed name.

5. The requirement of submission of proof of marriage/ divorce by married/ divorced/ re-married applicants has been discontinued and submission of erstwhile Annexure - D and Annexure - K is now not required.

6. ln the absence of any poof of DOB, erstwhile Annexure - A was submitted by applicants born prior lo 26101/1989 declaring themselves as illiterate while applying for passport. Annexure - A has now been repealed vide Ministry's Notification No. GSR 1171(E) dated 2611212016. Vide Notification GSR No. 1170(E) dated 26 December, 2016, a wide range of documents has been prescribed for submission as proof of date of birth and it is expected that a passport applicant would be able to provide at least one of these documents as proof of DOB.

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