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Statements UNITAR

Statement by Amb Indra Mani Pandey, Permanent Representative of India

to the UN and other International Organizations

at the 8th Meeting of Friends of UNITAR (Geneva) on 07 September 2021

Co-Chairs, Excellencies, Shri Nikhil Seth, Executive Director, Team UNITAR, distinguished participants, a very good morning to you all.

It gives me immense pleasure to participate at 8th edition of Annual Meeting of the Friends of UNITAR. I would like to thank the Co-Chairs, PRs of Norway and Mauritius, and ED of UNITAR, Shri Nikhil Seth, for the invitation. I also thank and commend ED for his strategic update, which provided to us a useful window to the vision, activities and achievements of UNITAR, including regional and gender balance and the increase in the number of beneficiaries.

The theme of this year’s meeting is very timely and pertinent. I would like to convey my appreciation for the dynamic leadership provided by Shri Nikhil Seth to Team UNITAR in continuing UNITAR’s activities in spite of Covid-19 pandemic.

India has always accorded a high priority to its engagements with UNITAR. India and UNITAR have been working together closely in various fields. We have highly valued the contribution being made by UNITAR in capacity building under its various pillars.

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) pose a huge challenge to health systems across the globe. The global pandemic of NCDs is a threat to Sustainable Development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include reducing premature deaths from the four main NCDs by one-third by 2030. Furthermore, three of the nine health targets in SDGs focus on NCDs-related issues. While we remain focussed on combatting Covid-19 pandemic, there should be no lack of attention to addressing the threat of NCDs.

India has joined UNITAR in meeting this goal and we are currently in final stages of signing a MoU for the ‘DEFEAT-NCD Partnership Initiative’, which is a component of UNITAR’s Programme towards achievement of SDG-3.4. Through this MoU we intend to collaborate with UNITAR in sharing our experiences and the lessons learnt from implementation of our National Multi-sectoral Action Plan for prevention and control of common NCDs.

India has also contributed US$ 50,000 to the Trust Fund for Women’s Empowerment for 2020/2021. The contribution will be used for undertaking Women’s Leadership Programme in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (on Women, Peace and Security) and Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action. It will support advancement of women’s leadership in peace and security including in mediation and conflict resolution.

I would like to conclude by reiterating India’s commitment to further enhance cooperation with UNITAR in order to contribute to realisation of UNITAR’s global agenda and priorities in capacity building. I once again congratulate Team UNITAR for its achievements and wish them success in UNITAR’s future endeavours.

Thank you.