Statement by H.E. Mr. Ajit Kumar, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India to UN offices and other International Organizations during the General Debate at the 106th Session of International Organization for Migration (24-27 November 2015) in Geneva.




General Debate at the 106th Session of International Organization for Migration (24-27 November 2015)

Statement by H.E. Mr. Ajit Kumar, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India to UN offices and other International Organizations on 26 November 2015



Mr. Chairperson,


Let me start by congratulating Mr. Richard Quareti, the Auditor General of the Supreme Audit Authority of Ghana for being elected as the External Auditor of IOM for the period 2016-19. We are sure that his vast experience and in-depth knowledge will bring value to the functioning of IOM.


2. India would also like to welcome the election of Mr. Bertrand de Crombrugghe the Permanent Representative of Belgium, as the Chairperson and other bureau members of the IOM Council Bureau.


We also wish to take this opportunity to welcome all new members and 6 new observers to IOM.


3. The Indian delegation wishes to place on record our deep appreciation to the unwavering leadership of Director General Ambassador Swing, who with strong determination, hard work and with his forward looking approach on the issue of migration has made IOM a lead Inter-Governmental organisation. We also like to place on record the crucial role played by Mr. Ovais Sarmad, the Chief of Staff in coordination, implementation and follow-up of IOMs activities. We all acknowledge and appreciate the excellent work carried out IOM's field offices in unsafe and challenging environments.


4. Today the world is facing unprecedented challenge; the prevailing and ever widening humanitarian crisis is resulting in mass exodus of people which has certainly undermined the basic principles of orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration. The present challenges, to some-extent have over-shadowed the crucial economic and developmental dimension of migration. We see this as the testing time for IOM and the world community to ensure that migration and migrants remains safe and does not become victims of the present day crisis.


5. We are particularly worried with increasing linkages of refugee's issues with migrants; and the migrants increasingly being seen as an element of instability in many parts of the world. This has led to unfortunately increase in cases of xenophobia, racism and discrimination which had further created challenge in access of protection to migrants.


Mr. Chairperson,


6. You will appreciate that such situations makes the migrants more vulnerable and this also creates various kinds of hardships. In order to address these challenges, we look forward for an appropriate strategy from IOM. We sincerely believe that IOM has an important role in facilitating good migration governance through promotion of whole of government approach whereby all responsible organs of the government ensures and promotes migration and mobility policies in its broader interest.


7. At the same time, we fully acknowledge the right of the States to manage migration in a way that advance its domestic interest, including labour migrant needs, building communities, supporting social and cultural development with an aim to create win-win situation for all stakeholders. We would like IOM to use its expertise and experience in capacity building, providing policy advice and developing specific programmes which may include training tools and assessment models to enhance the capacities of Member States to maximize benefit from migration.


Mr. Chairperson,


8. Under IOM's initiative for good migration governance, we support humane and orderly migration with obligation for States to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of individuals within its territory and practice non-discriminatory approach to preserve safety, physical integrity and dignity of the migrants.


9. We also support IOM's role, not only in ensuring safe and orderly migration but also in developing various models for evacuation of migrants during crisis situation and developing effective standard operating procedures for strengthening public health strategies etc. to prevent spread of diseases and protect the health of migrants and societies. While doing so, we may like to ask IOM to keep gender, age and diversity of the migrant's need into consideration.



Mr. Chairperson,


10. IOM's vast experience and expertise, its geographical spread and knowledge on the issues of migration and crisis management ability is even more crucial to address the prevailing and emerging migration related challenges. We want IOM to continue creating complementarities and win-win opportunities for all States and equally importantly with migrants and their families.


11. We recommend IOM to leverage social media and ICT to further bring efficiency and effectiveness in its activities, embark on the path of assessing and reporting its programmes and activities on quantifiable parameters, based on the Principles of Outcome Based Assessment.


12. India being a major country of origin, destination and transit of migrants wish to reiterate its commitment to IOM in its efforts towards in bringing humane approach and order to the international migration.


I thank you Mr. Chairperson.



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