Statement of India on External Auditor's Report, at the 16th SCPF Meeting of IOM, delivered by Mr. Anil Kumar Rai, Counsellor.

Permanent Mission of India


International Organization for Migration (IOM)

16th Standing Committee on Programmes and Finance (SCPF)

(2-3 July 2015)

Statement of India on External Auditor’s Report

Mr. Chairperson,

1. My delegation wishes to commend the able leadership of Director General Ambassador Swing and his team, both at headquarters and in Missions abroad, for embarking on action-oriented plans and programmes.  We thank the Director General for his concise presentation earlier today.


2. So far as the budget and financial aspects of the organization is concerned, we note that the IOM assessment Scale has been fully equated to the scale of UN through application of an equation factor and the 2016 assessment scale is fully equated to the United Nations assessment scale. We also wish to inform that India has made its revised contribution for the current year, as determined during the last Council meeting.


3. We thank Mr. Bruce Reed, Director, Department of Resource Management, IOM, for his detailed and objective financial report on the organization.  We wish to thank the External Auditor, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, represented by Ms. Amandeep Chhata, for giving a detailed account of their observations and recommendations, following the detailed audit of financial statements, performance audit of Information & Communication Technology (ICT), as well as audit of IOM country offices. We are happy to note that IOM has taken positive steps to implement External Auditor’s recommendations made in the past and will take concrete steps to implement the set of recommendations given by the auditor’s, today.


4.  We once again thank the External Auditor for their precise and objective observations and forward looking and action oriented recommendations, which we believe, are in the best interest of the Organization, as well as the members of the Council.


I thank you Mr. Chairperson.



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